Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wheggie Story - Saying Goodbye

A couple of weeks ago I introduced my Wheggies and promised to begin posting some of my writings about them and their adventures. Today I wanted to introduce all of you to Angelica Raveu and her dog, Jasmine. Angelica's father has taken a new job and the family must move. This means saying goodbye to her friends and leaving the only home she has ever known. What Angelica doesn't know yet is that she is about to meet some of the most loving and caring creatures she could ever imagine. And Jasmine will accompany her on this magical adventure.

I wanted to begin this series today and will try, as I promised to continue these writings at least every two weeks. I hope you enjoy them. Please always feel free to leave comments to let me know your thoughts. I appreciate your input.

This a picture of a journal I made where I pictured Angelica and Jasmine. Angelica is speaking to Jasmine, her friend.

Saying Goodbye

The skies were cloudy, but Angelica did not notice on this the last day of school. All she could think of was saying goodbye to all her friends. This year in her third grade class she had made many new and wonderful friends. Now with the school year coming to a close she realized that she may never see her friends again. She was moving away to a new home. She fought to hold back the tears as she waved goodbye. Mother was waiting in the car and she must be going.

"Why do things have to change?", thought Angelica. "Why can't we stay here? Why do we have to move?" So many thoughts were going through her mind as the car moved further away from what was familiar to her. She watched out the car window looking at each building that quickly passed. She had lived in this neighborhood as long as she could remember and knew everyone on her block. She and Jasmine, her dog, would take walks and she would stop to say hello to all the neighbors. "Mrs. Wringle will miss me. Who will get her mail when she is sick?", she wondered. Soon all the houses and people began to fade in the distance until they were no longer in view.

Jasmine licked her hand as if to say, “ I understand, I feel the same way.” Jasmine always understood Angelica in ways no human could. She and Angelica spent a lot of time together - having fun and exploring. Jasmine’s large brown eyes seemed to also be filled with tears as she, too, watched out the window. She laid her head on Angelica’s lap and rubbed her nose against her arm. Her gesture was one of love and understanding. Soon Angelica folded her body softly over Jasmine as she placed her head on Jasmine's back. They both fell asleep as Mother drove down the highway toward their new home.

(to be continued)


sammy said...

This really touched me, I remember as a kid whose family moved every 6 months or less of having to say good-bye. To this day, I hate good-byes and get chocked up!

Janet said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the Wheggies and the story that is unfolding. Unlike Angelica I lived in the same house for most of my childhood so never had to experience moving until I was an adult. I've really made up for it now though!

I'll definitely be back for another visit.

Ulla said...

Lovely, as a 'gypsy' child, I know exactly how she feels... Thanks for your comment on my blog today!

Doreen G said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and I will definitely be coming back to follow Angelica's adventures.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Marylin... your Wheggie's are very endearing... just like the author!


Maija said...

I want more stories!

Barbara said...

Lovely way of telling a special story!!