Sunday, March 04, 2007

Flowers - Fun - Excitement- ArtFEST!!!!!

ArtFEST is just around the corner and the excitement continues to build!!!

As the time for Artfest nears Tracie and I have continued to gather items for our class. These are pictures of some dried flowers we gathered last summer for use in our classes. We finished getting them packaged for all our class attendees. Each delicate flower package comes from our area, and we are excited to be sharing them with our fellow artists.

Since I can't remember all the names of these botanicals I won't try to identify them. I do know that the white lacy ones are "Queen Anne's Lace". It grows in abundance in the pasture by my home and across the road in the neighbor's pasture. They are so fragile. Each has a shape and a beauty all its own.

During the summer when Tracie visits, she has always gathered a nice selection to use in her art. This year was no exception. We took a big sack, a pair of scissors and with growing excitement began to gather all the Queen Anne's Lace that would fit in the flower press. After gently placing each fragile botanical into the press the process began. The flowers were allowed to dry over a period of several weeks. Once the process was complete we took each one and lovingly placed it in on a piece of cardboard then slipped it into a cellophane package for transporting to ArtFest.

We can hardly wait to see what each of you do with them! They are such beautiful gifts from nature and provide a very unique and natural look to the journals our class will be assembling.

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Maija said...

Oh, such lovely goodies!
I'll be taking the fiber fusion journalk hgouse from you two at Art Unraveled. Yippee!