Monday, January 08, 2007

Fiber Fusion Extended Journal --FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

Since ArtFest 2007 is just around the corner, Tracie Lyn and I wanted to share some of our class information with you.

We are publishing many different fiber fusion journals on our blogs so you all can see what fun we have in store for those of you who are taking our class. We are excited to be sharing with you our fusion technique for creating one-of-a-kind journals that you will be proud to show everyone! What excites us most is that we are getting to unveil this at ArtFest 2007. (We have been attending ArtFest every year since Teesha and Tracy started this fun event. What a fantastic experience you will have for three fun filled days!)

Our class demonstrates ways to use the smallest fibers no matter what they are: paper, yarn, fabric, strings,threads,ribbons, silk botanicals and many more. What is even more exciting is that there is NO sewing, knitting, or crocheting, so those of you who have been wanting to do something with fabrics and yarns can do so and go home with a beautiful piece of work.

Color and depth are the definitions of our class. It is difficult to see that from the pictures, but I can assure you there will be no disappointed students! When we came up with creating these journals we knew that it will be a favorite for each of you that have chosen to spend the day with us. You will be VERY happy that you selected our class!!!!

Please feel free to email either of us if you should have any questions BE SURE to check out other examples of our Fiber Fusion Extended Journals - here, and here .

Watch our blogs for updates and to see the PACKAGE of GOODIES that we will be bringing for each of our students!!


Sharon said...

Can you post a link to your class at Artfest. I won't be able to attend, but I'd like to read more about the class! Thanks, Sharon

Mary lin said...

Sharon, please click the "our class" and it will take you to the class information at ArtFest 2007

Ellen Lyn said...

Hi Mary Lin! Although I'm not taking your class, I hope I get to meet you all during ArtFest! I am really enjoying your blog. Thanks for the sweet comment over on my blog. See you soon!